viernes, 11 de diciembre de 2009

Far off in the distance, the evening sun rays broke into a thousand gold needles blasting from behind the shadowing  blocks of empty buildings in a deserted flying city.
Hovering over mountains and valleys, the bread shaped monster slowly crawls the infinite skies and dreams of the echo of those that long ago built it. Searching for the cry of a child in any dark corner or beneath the leaking roofs tops of houses deprived of an owner, it finds nothing but memories and secrets washed down over damp walls and run down hallways. It is only the slapping sound of a dove's wings that echo in the giant dome at the center of this sleeping giant, wings that answer the dreadful roar of a wall demolished by time, out there, somewhere in the distance. Down bellow, the silent earth devours the last remains of civilization, a wave of trees and animals sink the last bricks and glasses of a place that speaking creatures once called home.
Distant thunder and lightning beckon the suspended mass of steel and concrete, soon animal eyes bellow will see but a speck over the raining horizon of a planet that lives on.

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